Make Up Tutorial - How to do a Face Make Up

People always ask me how to apply proper make-up so I made an another make-up video tutorial. A flawless look. The key is to get the real basics right. With the skin and the your eyebrows right you won't need that much more.

A few tips.
- Use good real quality brushes. if not, you won't be able to really blend as good as you need to.
- Use a true foundation/concealer that matches your own skin. I never understood color problems. I mean, you can actually tell when the color is off right?? You can tell a real difference in color right?? I'm not mad lol.

- You can really skip the fake lashes, but they actually complement the look. With applying fake lashes try to really use a black glue or one that actually dries up to be black.
- When using a eyebrow pencil/color never use a one with a reddish tone. Always use greyish. Unless you are a redhead. But that's the only real exception.